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Jericho Acne Soap
125 gAcne Soap125 gAcne SoapRestores the natural balance of your skin Removes dirt and impurities..
Jericho Black Mud Soap
125 gBlack Mud Soap125 gBlack Mud SoapAn unusual soap based on the famous Black mud from the shires ..
Jericho Glycerin Soap
125 gGlycerin Soap125 gGlycerin SoapCleanses your face without upsetting the delicate natural pH bal..
Jericho Salt Soap
125 gSalt Soap125 gSalt SoapRestores the natural balance of your skin Rich in minerals from the D..
Jericho Seaweed Soap
125 gSeaweed Soap125 gSeaweed SoapStimulates your metabolism and blood circulation by penetrating th..
Jericho Sulphur Soap
125 gSulphur Soap125 gSulphur SoapHealing properties for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema ..