Cool Snake Neck Tie Coolers
  • Cool Snake Neck Tie Coolers
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Brand: Personal Cooling Products
Product Code: 4231100


  • Cool Cloths feels cool but not wet
  • Cool Cloths do not drip
  • Cool Cloths cool down fast
  • Cool Cloths stay cool as long as there is moisture in the fabric
  • Cool Cloths provide cooling performance without weight.
  • Cool Cloths are comfortable against the skin.
  • Cool Cloths can be worn on any part of your body where you are feeling the heat.
  • Cool Cloths can be worn against the skin for prolonged periods of time.
  • Cool Cloths are reusable and can be reactivated, time and time again.
  • Only water is needed to activate the Cool Cloth.
  • Faster cooling can be achieved by placing an activated Cool Cloth in the freezer for a short period of time.

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